• Import and Export

    Wider than a conventional process outsourcing BPO (Business Process Outsouricing) not only outsources operations and / or processes already established by the company, but in some cases proposes a remodeling processes employing the intensive use of technology.


In 2013, DURENO we established our headquarters in the financial center of Brazil, Sao Paulo City. Today we also have a branch in São Franscisco do Sul / SC. On this position, we are strategically near to two principal ports in Brazil, SANTOS and ITAJAI.

The company was established with the concept of innovation and creation of practical solutions in International Trade capable of providing higher profitability in the operations , financial viability and optimization of the logistics process to overcome the expectations of its customers .

DURENO provides services for national and international companies in various industries like: Steel and Aluminum, Bio Diesel, Soft and Hard Commodities. Mashed fruit, Pulps, Fruit Juices and concentrates, Starches, Chemical Ingredients for Food Industries, Feed, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, among others.

Together with major distributors and manufacturers in the international market , also We enable open up markets for new customers and manufacturers.

Support in Import and Export

Always had the interest or curiosity to know what would be the acceptance of your product in overseas market, or as a product could fit in the inside market? Contact us. Our team of consultants can advise you and answer your questions.

Trade Finance

With the current national financial situation, DURENO in partnership with another major multinational, opened in Brazil to import financing option where so the customer can have a gap in cash flow, and thus not create unnecessary debt with banks and financial credit companies.